Compliance Expertise.

We take Employee Benefit Plan audits seriously. While others use them for summer filler work and as a training ground for new staff, we have an in-depth knowledge of benefit plans and, just as importantly, a commitment to what we do. We perform almost 100 plan audits over the course of a year, and work with many other plans which file Form 5500’s but are too small to require audits. We have experience dealing with defined benefit and defined contribution plans, 403(b) plans, ESOPs and Health & Welfare plans. We appreciate that this array of clients requires a need to understand the many different issues affecting each of them.

Our Employee Benefits Group has a long history of working with our clients in all areas of compliance: audits and Form 5500 filings, plan mergers and terminations, and examinations from the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service.

We have an entire group of over 15 people who commit a significant part of their time working with benefit plans. Our group includes a former IRS agent in the plan compliance area, a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist and others who perform seminars on various topics in the area. If we uncover any compliance issues, we also have the experience to help our clients with the voluntary correction programs offered by both the IRS and DOL.

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