Dale Dresch Discusses Ransomware in Crain’s

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Featured News

Crains Cleveland Business logoAs part of Cybersecurity Month, Crain’s Cleveland Business published an article “Be proactive when it comes to ransomware” detailing the challenges businesses face with preventing hackers and scammers from holding a company’s information technology and data hostage. Dale Dresch, director of Information Technology at Maloney + Novotny, is featured in the article, discussing how an IT Audit can help head off the potential issues of ransomware. Dresch explains that the best way to avoid dealing ransomware is to be proactive. “The most effective way to protect against ransomware is to implement fundamental best practices. This includes employee education, regular backups, restricted administrative access, and patching and updating software,” explains Dresch.

You can read the complete article on the Crain’s Cleveland Business website here. If you have questions about ransomware and protecting your company, you can contact Dale Dresch at 216.344.5296 or ddresch@maloneynovotny.com.