A Letter from Matt Maloney

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M+N Clients & Friends:

More than fifteen years ago, I had the good fortune to be elected as Managing Shareholder of Hausser + Taylor, which we now all know as Maloney + Novotny. It has been my privilege to serve you for the past 15 years. I deeply appreciate the support I have received in this important role, and hope that I have been worthy of your trust.

Now the time has come for the next generation to step forward. My term as Managing Shareholder came to an end on December 31, 2018 and the baton passed to Jon Ruple who has been shadowing this role for the past 24 months. This is a significant responsibility, and the Shareholders put a great deal of thought into the election of Jon as our next leader.

Before anyone starts to plan a farewell party for me, you should know that I am not going anywhere. I intend to remain fully involved in the important work that lies ahead. That starts with continuing to ensure a smooth and complete transition with Jon and my full commitment to the plans and ideas that are to come. In addition to my continued client service work, I will be assuming the role of general counsel for the Firm, a role currently held by Pete Chudyk, as he slows down a bit.

With change comes opportunity. I am confident in Jon, as our next leader, that we have the vision and drive to spearhead our continued climb toward the ambitious goals we have set for the Firm. I have no doubt that he will steer us on a course that will far surpass our already considerable achievements and continue to provide first class service to our clients.

I hope you will agree that this is a very exciting time for Maloney + Novotny! I look forward to your support of Jon, and the Firm, as we continue to build the premier Firm in Ohio together!

Yours truly,

Matt Maloney