“Coming back to Maloney + Novotny as a full-time staff after interning at the firm a couple years ago has been a very rewarding experience so far. I enjoy the time that I spend with my co-workers, who are always willing to help and learn from one another. In this environment, there are always opportunities for growth and development.”
Darcy Daniel, Staff Audit Accountant

“I have very much enjoyed my experience so far at M+N. There are many knowledgeable and hard-working people to look up to and learn from. I also enjoy the small office, family-orientated culture.  M+N is truly the best of both worlds.”
Kelly DeMiglio, Senior Audit Accountant

“After interning with M+N, I expected to have opportunities to learn and grow as a staff, and in my first few months these expectations have not only been met they have been exceeded. Every day I have had the opportunity to learn something new and grow my knowledge of both audit and tax extensively. Without management’s guidance and willingness to help, this growth would not be possible. I am proud to be a part of the M+N team!”
Ally Dipre, Staff Audit Accountant

“Maloney and Novotny is a trusted advisor and respected partner within the business community. They are highly responsive to their clients’ needs and proactive in bringing valuable insights to businesses within their respective industries. The employees are treated with respect and professionalism.  Maloney and Novotny is a firm that genuinely cares.”
Kevin Weber, Tax Manager