“Overall, I had a very good experience interning at Maloney + Novotny. I would definitely suggest it to people that want to be in the public accounting world but have reservations based on the perceived large commitment of time that it takes. The hours are extremely manageable and not at all overwhelming. You can tell M+N genuinely cares about its employees and wants everyone to succeed. Everyone who works for the firm is extremely kind and helpful, even to interns. My internship at M+N is nothing like what you hear about involving the Big 4 nor is it one where you are relegated to performing rote and menial jobs. You are doing the work that staff do and are working hand in hand with the team to get the job done. I will hopefully be back with M+N in the future to officially start my public accounting career!”
Alicia Sierra, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2020)

“My internship at Maloney + Novotny provided me the opportunity to build a strong foundation in my professional career as well as develop meaningful relationships with my team. Everyone’s willingness to teach and encourage professional growth was conducive to a successful internship. The relaxed work environment was extremely beneficial to my experience and made coming to work something I looked forward to every day.”
Trent Ohmer, Intern – Columbus Office (April 2020)

“I was treated like a member of the Maloney + Novotny team before I even worked a day in the office. It seemed like I was a true employee and not just an intern. The communication skills, tax knowledge, and relationships I developed during my time as an intern will most certainly help me enhance my professional career. I already miss working with many of my coworkers, and I will be hoping for an opportunity to work for this amazing firm in the future.”
Hannah Edelblute, Intern, Delaware Office (April 2020)

“As soon as the internship started, everyone in the office went out of their way to make sure I felt comfortable.   The office has a great atmosphere and a lot of camaraderie that helped me gain an increased level of comfort and familiarity.  I learned a lot about the profession, Maloney + Novotny and myself during my time here.”
Joseph Tomczak, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2020)

“My internship experience at Maloney + Novotny was more than I could have asked for. I not only had the opportunity to grow in my knowledge of accounting, but I also was able to interact and learn alongside a great group of people. I was given enough responsibility as an intern so that I could learn and be resourceful, and I was able to apply myself to the tax side of accounting in ways that I never have. I know that what I learned at M+N is something that I would have never been able to learn in only a classroom. Because of this internship, I am better equipped, both personally and professionally, to continue in this career path.”
Madeline Vallance, Intern – Canton Office (April 2020) 

“Working as an intern with Maloney and Novotny has been a blessing. The people are great and it is a great company. I would recommend working for M+N to anyone I know. I would also recommend it to anyone that is looking for an auditor or tax preparer. I cannot praise this internship enough—it has shown me the ups and downs of public accounting. M+N is a great company run by great people, with lots of good knowledge and experience to learn from.”
Matthew Bachman, Intern – Canton Office (April 2020)      

“Maloney + Novotny provided a wonderful learning experience for me. As a full-time student I was given the opportunity to complete a part-time internship to learn more about my passion. All the employees I interacted with were helpful and understanding of my role with the firm. My internship combined the best of both worlds to make my experience priceless.”
Morgan Tierney, Intern – Delaware Office (April 2020)

Maloney + Novotny is a great place to work as an intern. Every staff member is very friendly and helpful. If there is something you struggle with, they are willing to walk you through it. Also, I was never overwhelmed with any of the work, but had plenty to keep me busy throughout the experience. I came in with little to no tax experience, but left feeling very confident in my tax accounting capabilities. If you get the opportunity to work with this firm as an intern, you are very lucky and will leave feeling very prepared to continue pursuing a career in tax accounting. I am extremely grateful to have received the experience I did and meet all the amazing people I have met!
Nick D’Angelo, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2020)