“Working at Maloney + Novotny has been a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every second of it. The firm has amazing and knowledgeable personnel that welcomes you like family. I recommend everyone going to school should try to be an intern. Interns gain valuable knowledge that is not learned in a classroom environment. Maloney + Novotny is a great place for students to intern in audit or tax.”
Seth Barrett, Intern – Canton Office (April 2018)

“What makes an internship at Maloney + Novotny a success is the people who are already a part of the firm and the willingness and ability to teach those, like me, who are eager and ready to start their careers. Everyone at the firm sets a great example on what it entails to be a successful professional, and the needed skills in order to complete the necessary work to help M+N’s clients excel!”
Taylor Cave, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2018)

“At Maloney + Novotny, I felt welcome from day one. The work environment is fantastic. Everyone helped me out as best as they could so I was put into a position to succeed. As an intern, I wasn’t bringing coffee to people, I was actually doing auditing work while learning concepts and skills that benefit my personal and professional lives. I learned more during my internship than in any classroom setting.  What I learned has set me up for a successful career in public accounting.”
Alex DeBaltzo, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2018)

“From day one at Maloney + Novotny, I felt welcomed and like part of the team. Everyone was always willing to help even when they were backed up with their own work. They truly want to see interns succeed. Overall, it was a great experience with great people.”
Madisyn Gerzeny, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2018)

“During my internship with Maloney + Novotny, I had the chance to experience what it is like to work in both tax and audit. I have learned so much from the projects that I completed. The staff I worked with were incredibly nice and extremely helpful when I had questions about the projects that I was working on. The firm had a welcoming environment where I was able to learn and grow professionally throughout my internship.”
Kaitlyn Nuber, Intern – Canton Office (April 2018)

“My internship experience at Maloney + Novotny was extremely rewarding and enjoyable. The people were genuine and provided me with a great working environment. As an intern, I was treated as staff, and the work and responsibilities I was given helped improve my knowledge and skills to ensure a successful future in accounting.”
Mackenzie Pietro, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2018)  

“My internship experience at Maloney + Novotny has been excellent. From day one, I felt welcomed and was able to forge meaningful relationships with my fellow staff members. I have been able to grow both professionally and personally more than I ever could have imagined in my time here. Even though I worked extensive hours, Tax Season flew by and I now have a good sense of what to expect in my future career. I cannot say enough about how caring the staff is here and how they helped me enjoy and make the most out of this opportunity.”
John Thomas, Intern – Delaware Office (April 2018)

“My internship at Maloney + Novotny was a great experience! There was not a single day I did not enjoy coming into work. Everyone was very welcoming and did an excellent job of making me feel a part of the team. I learned so much along the way and acquired skills and knowledge that cannot be learned in a classroom. This was an experience I am truly grateful for and will always value as I begin my professional career.”
Alec Warren, Intern – Columbus Office (April 2018)