What Our Clients are Saying

Fourteen years ago, I had the good fortune to meet Bill Rogers, CPA. After the initial interview, I told Bill that I would hire his accounting firm if he could tell me how much it cost me to make a pound of pepperoni, a question I had been asking for eleven years of our previous accounting firm. After spending three days in our office interviewing key personnel and developing a costing model, Bill provided me with the data I requested. Since then, with Bills’ help of we have developed an internal costing system which provides up to date accurate costing data. Our Company has been significantly more profitable as a result of the system developed and supervised by Bill and his team.William J. Ezzo- President, Ezzo Sausage Company
worly plumbing and supplyOver the past 30 years, while Bill Rogers has been the primary contact with our CPA firm, our Company has grown from 20 employees to in excess of 80 employees. Under Bill’s lead and under his direction, his CPA firm has been instrumental in establishing and monitoring systems and training our staff to provide management with timely and accurate information with which we make operational decisions. In 29 years we have had no tax or accounting surprises. Bill and his staff is in no small measure a contributing member of our successful teamJay Worly – President, Worly Plumbing & Supply Company
GarickOver the years the names of the firm may have changed but the faces and professionalism has always been consistent. Maloney + Novotny understands our business, cares about our success and they feel like true partners in our enterprise.Gary Trinetti - Chief Executive Officer, Garick, LLC
Maloney + Novotny LLC has always had expertise in the non profit arena; especially private schools. While their auditing is outstanding, our relationship is much more of a partnership. Their people are outstanding. I would never hesitate to recommend them to any of my peers.David J. Wright - Finance Director, University School
brewster cheeseThe partners and staff members at Maloney + Novotny who serve my Brewster Dairy company provide excellent service. This includes answering phone calls and questions promptly, conducting audits in a professional and well organized manner, and providing high quality advice in various business mattersEmil Alecusan - Chief Financial Officer/Vice President, Brewster Dairy, Inc.
BrennerThe professionals at Maloney + Novotny LLC partner with the client, legal counsel and other client representatives to tailor their accounting and consulting services with the client’s needs. This professional partnership with the Maloney + Novotny team allows for a seamless servicing of the client. The knowledge and performance of the partners and team at Maloney + Novotny, LLC is second to none.R. Chad Brenner - Managing Partner, Brenner Kaprosy Mitchell, L.L.P.
fire dexThe individuals at Maloney + Novotny not only understand our business, they care about our success. They take a proactive approach to keep us abreast of new and current developments that affect our business. The timely responses to issues that arise are unlike any other firm we have worked with. By using Maloney + Novotny, we not only get access to a CPA firm, we get access to extremely talented business advisors. Their global alliance helped us tremendously last year when we acquired a competitor with operations in Mexico.Bill Burke - Chairman of the Board, Fire-Dex, LLC