“I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Tax season flew by. Everyone here was super helpful, really nice, and a lot of fun. I was given the opportunity to push myself by doing working on challenging tasks and working an average of 55 hours a week. The work was hard, but I learned something new every day. There was never a day that I disliked coming to work.”
Caleb Andrews, Intern – Delaware Office (April 2017)

“My internship with Maloney + Novotny was a wonderful experience! I am so grateful for this internship opportunity. As an intern, I was treated just as if I was just another employee. The people and environment was great. Even on the busiest day…at 9pm at night, everyone was still working, making jokes, and laughing. Not only were the people great, they taught me so much more than I ever imagined. Thank you!”
Sierra Coon, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2017)

“If you are looking for a way to grow not only in the accounting world, but also in your personal and professional life, an internship at Maloney + Novotny will provide you that and so much more. The staff at Maloney + Novotny really wants to see you succeed and will help you out in any way to do so!”
Ally Dipre, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2017)

“My internship with Maloney + Novotny has not only taught me what it is like to be a Tax Accountant, but also surrounded me with great and caring people who helped me along the way. I could not have asked for more fun people to learn from and work alongside. Even working long hours, I was still delighted to come in and see what I could do to help. Maloney + Novotny is a great place with helpful and patient people. This is an experience that I would absolutely recommend.”
Amina Doleh, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2017)

“I loved every minute of working at Maloney + Novotny. I have never felt so welcomed by a company. I recommend interning to everyone going through school. The things that you learn are invaluable and you will not learn these things in school. M+N is the perfect place to do it. They understand a work/school balance and will work with you however they can.”
Kathryn Frease, Intern – Canton Office (April 2017)

“Throughout this internship, I have been able to gain firsthand experience in audit and tax. I was immediately treated the same was as if I was a full time employee, and this made the experience much more valuable. Instead of being treated as just an intern, I was tasked with important jobs and involved with audits immediately after training. This amount of responsibility is not often given to interns, but it offered an environment that was much better for me to learn as much as possible. I was involved in some way with nearly every part of an audit and even obtained experience doing tax preparation. This experience has been great for me as a student and given me an edge over other accounting students.”
Colin Merriman, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2017)

“My internship experience at Maloney + Novotny completely exceeded my expectations. From day one, I felt welcomed. As I walked around the office introducing myself, I instantly knew that this would be the type of work environment I could see myself succeeding in. I believe this opportunity has taught me so many important lessons than any college course could ever offer. Not only have I learned a lot, but I am also grateful for the professional connections I have made along the way!”
Taylor Peterson, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2017)

“My experience interning at Maloney + Novotny was amazing, not only because of how much I learned, but because of what a wonderful company it is. I was given an opportunity to work with both profit and not-for-profit clients which provided me a very wide range of experiences. Every engagement I was on, I learned something new and every in-charge along with staff were always extremely helpful. The skills and experiences I have gained from this internship will definitely provide me opportunities going forward.”
Karla Tabor, Intern – Cleveland Office (April 2017)