I am truly grateful for the overall experience that I had as an intern at Maloney + Novotny. Everyone at the firm was very welcoming and always willing to help me. During my time with Maloney + Novotny, I had the opportunity to work with several different clients and many different professionals at the firm. I was given more responsibility as an intern than I could have ever imagined. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge from the audit and tax departments, but I also improved my skills by interacting with employees and clients on a daily basis. My internship experience has definitely prepared me for work at the next level.
Darcy Daniel, Intern

My internship at Maloney + Novotny was a very positive learning experience for me. It provided an environment where I felt valued as a person and as an employee. The internship gave me huge opportunities to learn and challenged me as an aspiring CPA.
Rachel Fox, Intern

Interning at Maloney + Novotny provided me with the experience needed to be successful in my future as a CPA and solidified my decision to become one. All throughout my internship, I was given the training necessary to complete tasks at hand, but also to understand why they are performed and how they tie into the end product of producing reliable financial statements. By the end of my internship, I was confident in the quality of work I produced because of the training provided by the CPA’s at Maloney + Novotny, who were always knowledgeable and happy to help. I am excited about my future because of the opportunities this internship provided me with. I understand why Maloney + Novotny is voted one of the best accounting firms to work for.
Robert Kratman, Intern

My experience at Maloney + Novotny was even better than I had anticipated. As an intern, you are truly treated like a first year staff. From the start to finish, I was actively involved and given major responsibilities. I interacted with clients, performed countless auditing procedures and met deadlines. One can easily become overwhelmed about the learning curve, but the staff at Maloney + Novotny is with you every step of the way to assist, provide guidance and set you up for success. Maloney + Novotny’s internship program was excellent and has allowed me to gain the most out of my first experience in the public accounting industry.
David Lansu, Intern

My internship at Maloney + Novotny was world class and excellent for any future interns. I enhanced my tax technical skills and knowledge, while working on various tax returns. I was able to get help from other senior accountants, when the help was needed. The environment was very friendly and supportive. I was treated like professional staff compared to my pervious corporate employer. I’ve taken my skills to the next level compared to my peers. I can’t thank Maloney + Novotny enough for their prodigious and tremendous efforts for making me a better accountant, better man and happier person. Overall, interning at Maloney + Novotny was the best career choice I have ever made in my life.
Travis Ludrosky, Intern

My experience as an intern is something I appreciate. I enjoyed coming to work every day. The work environment was pleasant and the people were even better. I worked hard and put in a lot of time, but it was worth it. I know it is going to help me in school.
James Murphy, Intern

I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the office life. People were so nice and patient. It was also nice to see that they interact outside the office as well. They treated me as if I was an employee and not just an intern, who was only with them for a few months, I learned a lot and enjoyed working with the staff. I now have a new respect for tax accountants, especially during busy season.
Alesha Showman, Intern